06 – Pescasseroli (eng)

Pescassèroli (Peschë in the local dialect) is a town in the province of L’Aquila with a population of 2,204.

Situated east of the Appennine watershed in a shallow valley 1,167 m above sea level, and surrounded by the Marsicani mountains, the town is a member of the association Comunità Montana Alto Sangro e Altopiano delle Cinquemiglia, a local association of mountain municipalities. It is the main community in the Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise and the site of the park’s administration.

The Pescasseroli ski resort is located a few kilometres from town, on the slopes of Monte delle Vitelle (1,966 m).


Monuments and attractions:

the church of Monte Tranquillo
  • The church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • The church of Monte Tranquillo
  • The museum
  • The Palazzo Sipari (the house in which the famous Italian philosopher Benedetto Croce was born, on February 25, 1866)
church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul – exterior
church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul – interior


Nearby attractions:


Celebrations and festivals:

  • January 17: The Feast of Sant’Antonio Abate, with a procession and the blessing of fire, water and animals.
  • February 3: The Feast of San Biagio, protector against throat complaints. During mass, the priest blesses sweets and candies, with the enthusiastic participation of children and young people.
  • Good Friday: There is a Via crucis (stations of the cross) through the streets of the town, with stops at altars set up in every neighbourhood.
  • June: The Feast of Corpus Domini (the body of Christ), with flowers decorating every street in town.
  • December 24: The Tomba, a bonfire in front of the parish church.
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